Our models have evolved over the years and so have the demands of our customers in the countries we distribute to. Environmental restrictions and technological improvements have created a variety of needs and opportunities for our customers around the world.

When it comes to our combustion power train, we continue to evolve our product to incorporate best in class components which improve performance and reduce emissions. This approach is designed to increase the overall performance as each major component is manufactured by a specialist and leader in their category at the time we build the machine.

Today we offer 2 classes for each of our diesel engine models.

Eltec’s A series is the first production class we offer which carries a tier 3 power plant built by Cummins, which are available globally in all markets we serve and meet EPA17 standards.

Eltec’s B series is our evolutionary leap from A series, which begins with Stage V
engine that slightly exceeds Tier 4 final EPA (Stage 5, EU) standards. It delivers
better fuel efficiency as well as fewer emissions and more power. There is a vast array of
additional improvements to the B series ranging from better maneuverability through
improved hydraulic systems, wider visibility and ergonomics for the operator in the cab and
many more improvements listed in detail on the specific model pages.

The B series is made available globally to the markets that demand it.

Cummins L9 engine