For every machine, there are a variety of options available to specify our equipment to your needs. This is especially helpful to loggers that are familiar with their work environments and understand the demands they need to meet.

Whether you’re working in cold or hot weather environments, mountainous or relatively flat terrain, we can build for that. If you’re working your machines day and night and need more lights, or if you need a Boom configuration that has more power and a longer reach, we can build that.

Below is a list to some of the available options we offer. The complete list of available options is presented at the point of sale before we schedule the build.

It’s worth noting that our base unit comes with an impressive list of standard options, a list that can found on any model page.

Levelling Systems are available for most of our models. Eltec’s proprietary levelling systems are responsive and self adjusting to maintain optimal operator positioning whether climbing or descending steep slopes. In combination with our heavy duty rotation system, the tilt angle of the levellers keep the cab horizontal. Like all the systems developed for our machines, they have preprogrammed standards with the opportunity for the operator to adjust functions to their needs.

We’re always listening to our customer needs, so the complete list is something we like to reveal to our customers at the time of purchase and if we don’t have exactly what you need we’ll figure out a way to do it anyway.

The advantage we have over our competitors isn’t just in how durable and operator centric our machines are, but that we can implement new ideas more quickly than they can.

Because we are a human operated business, we still insist on creating an in-person experience for our customers when configuring the complete option set for an order. Whether through email, over the phone, in video conference or in person; we empower our customer relationships through actual relationships. For this reason, when it comes time order a machine from us, we prefer to talk to you, answer all your questions, provide our insight and walk you through our numerous configuration options.