FRS - Flow Recovery System Front Camera Improved Cab Vision Cabin Bumper Handle Bar Counter Weight

FRS - Flow Recovery System

FRS - Flow Recovery System

FRS (Flow Recovery System) - Flow recovery system assisted by kinetic energy, allowing faster in-out boom and mast cycles using less flow, which allows better distribution of fluid to the rest of the functions. System exclusive to the Eltec B series.

Front Camera

Front Camera Option 277B

Optional front camera available to assist operator in identifying and selecting trees.

Improved Cab Vision

B Series Cab Window View

Increased field of vision for operator in B-series cabin design with 72 degree top to bottom front view and best in class peripheral vision.


277B Inside Cabin

Ergonomic layout and ROPS - FOPS - OPS certified, 3 emergency exits with anti-vibration pads under the structure.  Seat options available, fully climate controlled, newly updated screen interface with many customization options.



A protective bumper can be installed to shield the hood and act as a lever when moving lumber.

Handle Bar

Handle Bar

Optional handle bar mounted to facilitate climbing into cabin

Counter Weight

Additional counter weight options can be added to the increase stability.