Boom/Stick & Chassis Performance FRS - Flow Recovery System Front Camera Improved Cab Vision Cabin Hood Design Sunroof Options Hitch & Toolbox Counter Weights

Boom/Stick & Chassis Performance


The geometry of the boom & stick have been improved for increased payload.  Chassis has more counter-weight to the to optimize overall performance and improved electrical layout for overall better access.

FRS - Flow Recovery System

FRS - Flow Recovery System

FRS (Flow Recovery System) - Flow recovery system assisted by kinetic energy, allowing faster in-out boom and mast cycles using less flow, which allows better distribution of fluid to the rest of the functions. System exclusive to the Eltec B series.

Front Camera

Front Camera Option 277B

Optional front camera available to assist operator in identifying and selecting trees.

Improved Cab Vision

B Series Cab Window View

Increased field of vision for operator in B-series cabin design with 72 degree top to bottom front view and best in class peripheral vision.


277B Inside Cabin

Ergonomic layout and ROPS - FOPS - OPS certified, 3 emergency exits with anti-vibration pads under the structure.  Seat options available, fully climate controlled, newly updated screen interface with many customization options.

Hood Design

270B Access Hood design

The external shell geometry has been improved to reduce the amount of debris that can accumulate and provide better access to critical components for easier maintenance.

Sunroof Options

270B sun roof

There are several options for the emergency exit on the roof of the cabin, some of which allow for better operator vision.

Hitch & Toolbox

Track Frame Hitch

A hitch or toolbox can be installed on on the track frame.

Counter Weights

Counter Weight

Additional counter weight options can be added to the increase stability.